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Mantano Reader Lite is an application with which we will be able to read and comment any document or book in EPUB or PDF format directly from the screen of our usual Android device.

More than just reading them, the application permits their download from official directories like the ones from Feedbooks, or Internet Archive, even allowing us to add our own catalogues. Of course, we can also just simply drag any file to the corresponding folder in the device.

Furthermore, Mantano Reader Lite doesn't have any problem with the DRM of many PDF files, so we will be able to edit them easily without worrying about this fact.

Another interesting service of Mantano Reader Lite is that we will have fast access to tags and notes, as well as the possibility to look for words or in dictionaries.

Mantano Reader Lite is one of the best alternatives that we can find in the world of EPUB and PDF readers for Android devices. The quantity of services and its quality makes using this simple interface an authentic delight.